Northern Ireland – 1970s

FORKHILL, NORTHERN IRELAND: IRA home-made mortar tubes are removed from the scene after delivering their explosives over the walls of the British Army base at Forkhill, South Armagh.
FORKHILL, NORTHERN IRELAND ---- The IRA fired home-made mortars from the back of a lorry over houses into the British army base at Forkhill, South Armagh. A booby trap explosive device was left under the driver's seat of the vehicle which, in this picture, has just exploded, leaving a Police officer badly wounded on the ground.
1978 - A British soldier pictured on watch within Boruki Sanger a Military watchtower overlooking the town square of Crossmaglen, South Armagh. Named after Corporal James Borucki of the Parachute Regiment who was blown up by a bomb left in a bicycle basket on the outside of the building next to which it was built.
1978 - Dungannon, Northern Ireland: A suitcase bomb placed on a shop counter by the IRA, viewed through the camera of a bomb disposal robot.
PORTADOWN, NORTHERN IRELAND - A Nationalist funeral procession on Garvaghy Road sometime during the 1970s. This young boy stopped directly in front of me as the funeral procession passed - as if to say 'look what we have to suffer'. I recall being quite astounded at the time to see one so young, with such clear understanding of what was going on around him.
An Irish Republican parade making its through Dungannon, Northern Ireland during 1978.