Neil Twaddle

(TODAY) Copyright Pic: Mike Day/Saltire News and Sport Ltd NeilTwaddle.tif 6ft 3in builder and property developer Neil Twaddle of Clackmannan suffered an agonising ordeal in the hands of the NHS after he slipped in the shower and severely damaged his spine. According to hospital staff at Stirling RoyalInfirmary on Wednesday 5th October, there was only one ambulance and crew on duty at Stirling Royal Infirmary when a 999 call was placed at 1.30pm and he would have to wait two hours in agonising pain. The ambulance actually arrived at 5.30pm four hours later and morphine was administered immediately to relieve extreme pain. By this time Neil had lost all feeling in his legs. After waiting in accident and emergency in Stirling Royal Infirmary for a further 6 hours, at 11.30pm the doctor on duty designated Neil an emergency case for transfer to Edinburgh's Western General within the hour - doctors were ready and waiting to deal with Neil's serious spinal injury. At 3am Neil was still in A&E at Stirling Royal Infirmary when nursing Staff advised that the ambulance returning to collect and take him to Edinburgh was being re-tasked to take a child who had suffered burns for emergency treatment in Glasgow... he would be next. At 4.45am Neil arrived at the Western General in Edinburgh 13 hours after the emergency 999 call was placed. He underwent surgery and is seen in the picture recovering with a welcome sip of Iron Bru... at 7pm on Thursday 6th October. Both Neil and his wife Dipika wish to point out that the ambulance crew, nurses and doctors at every stage, were incredible - but the agonising ordeal he was put through for 13 hours will remain with him as a lasting memory. Tel: Mobile: 07703 172 263 E-mail: