Photography by Mike Day


A Palestinian boy sits on top of his family’s car destroyed during Israel’s devastating assault on Gaza of late 2009
Scottish Ballet’s dancers play Cinderella
FIRST MINISTER ALEX SALMOND, with a gathering of school children.
DAVID CAMERON, speaks at the 2010 Conservative Party Conference
English comedian LEE NELSON is dragged away by security after disrupting US presidential
hopeful DONALD TRUMP’S press conference.
FORKHILL, NORTHERN IRELAND: IRA home-made mortar tubes are removed from the scene after delivering their explosives over the walls of a British Army base.
British MP GEORGE GALLOWAY hands thousands of British pounds to the Hamas-run government in the Gaza Strip.
A little girl offers her toy to a soldier as the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders parade in Alloa.
Young women of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) learn about the origins of their army.
Marchers in the Save Gillies Hill campaign arrive at the Bannockburn Heritage Centre.
Relatives of those unarmed civilians killed by British soldiers on Bloody Sunday, react to the findings of the Saville Inquiry at the Guildhall, Londonderry. The inquiry, which concluded that the killings were unjustified and unlawful, took 12 years to complete at a cost of £191,000,000 to the British taxpayer.
POLICE STOP A DISSIDENT REPUBLICAN PARADE from marching into the centre of Belfast at the bottom of the Falls Road.
POLICEMEN AIM A SPEED GUN at approaching motorists from a concealed position behind trees and bushes.
SECTARIANISM AND UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLE are key factors in modern Scottish culture.